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Specialized CMA Review

Miles CMA Review is the only specialized CMA Review Course provider in India which delivers CMA education to help candidates attain the CMA designation.

With its unique offering of 'SMILES', Miles ensures that all its students successfully clear their CMA exams.

Money 'wise' and Cost Effective

Miles CMA Review ensures that the best study materials and training is provided to candidates at a reasonable price.

Total cost of the CMA certification including study materials and training is upto INR 100k (for students) or INR 140k (for professionals).

Instructors are CPA and CMA and abundant experience

Miles CMA Review National Instructors:

  • Varun Jain, CPA, CMA - Varun has prior work experience in the Big 4 (Deloitte) and in investment banking (Morgan Stanley). He is also the National Instructor at Miles CPA Review.

Varun is assisted by over 15 local instructors who are CPAs and/or CMAs with extensive experience in MNCs and/or Big 4.

Live classroom training with the unique "iCMA" delivery model

Miles CMA Review provides 60+ hours of interactive training in a classroom setting equipped with all modern amenities. Course offering includes 8-hour sessions over 9 Sundays.

Miles CMA Review follows the unique "iCMA" delivery model to train CMA candidates - where "i" is Interactivity (which candidates have with the National Instructors as well as with Local Instructors always available during classroom sessions), "C" is Concepts (which are pre-recorded and delivered solely by the National Instructors), "M" is Mock Questions (which are taken up "live" by the Local Instructors) and "A" is Annotations (which is pre-recorded by the National Instructors to ensure proper highlighting and notes on the books which ensure in-depth understanding of concepts).

Students may directly contact the National instructors or local instructors in case they have any queries during their revisions or homework assignments.

Effective study format

Miles offers the Wiley CMA Learning System which is the only IMA approved study material and includes online test bank access for practice questions and mock exams.

The National Instructors have also compiled exam-focused notes format to ensure proper conceptual understanding and includes various memory aids (like the mnemonic "SMILES" here!).

Support with career counselling and logistics

Career counseling to candidates right from the day they enroll till they become a CMA.

Guidance and support is also provided for all CMA exams and certification formalities.

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