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Rahul Rajan,

Article Trainee, PwC

[ Chennai, CMA Batch ]

World # 3 spot in the CMA Examination held in February 2016

I thank Varun for the training provided for the exam. His methodology and delivery of the concepts was exceptional and was fundamental for my achievement. The support provided by Mahalakshmi and team of the Chennai office, for the aid provided for the registration process with IMA and for the class arrangements is highly appreciated. The guidance of Vinita, the faculty, warrants appreciation for explaining any topic and clarifying the doubts.

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Prashant Kumar Shah,

Finance Manager, Syniberse Technologies

[ Bangalore, Jun-2014 CMA Batch ]

It was good journey with MILES in pursuance of CMA as experienced Miles's faculty efforts and guidances made me to Pass CMA exam in such an short duration.I am really thankful to MILES to helping me in achieving this milestone of my professional education.

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Habeeb Faizee,

Group Finance Manager, Al Abeer Group

[ Hyderabad, Jan-2014 CMA Batch ]

Hope you guys at Miles are doing great. I have been actively following your developments. You guys have formed a great team. My experience at Miles has been extremely satisfying. You guys had the right mix of experience, youth, professionalism and simplicity. Right from my first class on, I knew i had done the right thing in choosing 'Miles'. The class notes were precise and to the point. You guys also did the right thing in partnering with 'Wiley', who have provided comprehensive notes, and the best part was their practice questions. I would also like to thank Tanvi, Dwija and Ayesha who have all contributed in making my journey to a CMA qualification that much easier. A special thanks to Varun - You have made a fabulous presentation for both parts of CMA. Best of luck for your future endeavors. For the benefit of our future batches, I would suggest we have more practice questions. We can also schedule to have mock tests in exam environment. Would be great if you guys can start classes for CIA, CFE, CISA, etc., which are very much in demand in the gulf. I have already suggested atleast 5 guys, here in Dubai, for your CMA classes; a couple of them in Hyderabad. I would be moving to Saudi on my next assignment where I'll be in touch with a lot of people, specially CA's, who i plan to suggest 'Miles' for their CPA, CMA, etc., coaching.

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Minesh Soni,

Business Finance Analyst, General Mills

[ Mumbai, Jan-2014 CMA Batch ]

To begin with i would like to admit that, i was not very confident to clear CMA in 6-8 months owing to professional commitments and higher pass cut off.As i started attending classes and got familiar,my confidence increased and was able to clear exams in first attempts and attain certification within 8 months. I had a great learning experience with Miles. Class room training made concepts clear and prepared me well for the CMA course. Video tutorials by Varun are high quality teaching material and were well supported aided by local instructors. Great efforts have been taken by Miles to prepare support study material which summaries all topics in a crisp manner and serves as a great revision tool.During the class room training and post that instructors were available to resolve any doubts related to exam.I would acknowledge Miles and its great team for all their support and encouragement to achieve this important milestone in my professional career.

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Bhaivab Ghosh,


[ Kolkata, Apr-2014 CMA Batch ]

When I started my CMA journey, it was Miles which gave me direction. The teaching was pretty modern and after each class I walked out with more confidence than before. The classroom teaching was quite conceptual and it made my finance base stronger. Being one of the younger students at Miles, I gained a lot of knowledge from the seniors as well. It was one of those rare times when I enjoyed studying and it was never a burden. In short the journey has been amazing at Miles. Thank you all the trainers and coordinators and of course Mr Varun Jain for offering the US CMA course at Miles.

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John Praveen,

Freelancer, Equity Trading

[ Chennai, Apr-2014 CMA Batch ]

When I decided to do CMA I wanted to join a coaching class since it is more than 10 years after my graduation and formal studies. I needed some motivation and guidance to proceed with CMA and Miles helped me in that regard. I am from Coimbatore and I had to travel to Chennai every weekend to attend the classes. Now I know it was time very well spent/invested.The coaching method was very good and Varun's video lessons were very helpful in understanding the concepts as he took time to explain the concepts in detail. The study notes helped to focus on the topics to concentrate instead of going through the big Wiley book.The exam tips given by Dwija and Anirban was invaluable in managing the time and changed my approach towards the CMA exam.I am very happy to have passed the exam in first attempt and it gives me new confidence to proceed further. I thank the Miles team in providing this valuable learning experience.

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Subrato Das Gupta,

Senior Manager-Business Finance, AGC Finance

[ Bangalore, Jan-2014 CMA Batch ]

It was a revealing and enriching experience with Miles. The guidance from the faculty took me through the rigours and nuances of the Certified Management Accountancy course enabling me to qualify at first attempt. Wish all at Miles the very best. Keep up the good work.

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Henrich Richard,

[ Bangalore, CMA Batch ]

Methodology of teaching is quite different and effective. Continuous hard work and full fledged support. Enjoyed the classes and successfully completed both parts in one window.

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Rathna Vasanth Lal Murugesan,

Business Analyst, Wipro

[ Hyderabad, CMA Batch ]

It was good journey with MILES in pursuance of CMA, as experienced Miles's faculty efforts and guidances made me to Pass CMA exam in such a short duration. I am really thankful to MILES for helping me in achieving this milestone of my professional education.

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Ruchi Arora,

Advisor, Life Insurance Corporation of India

[ Delhi, CMA Batch ]

I personally recommend Miles CMA Review, it is well organized and Varun's videos are very helpful. Many thanks to Miles team, I completed entire Wiley question bank in a short span which prepared me well for the exam day. I'm happy to say that I passed both the parts on my first attempt.

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Ranjeet Sakpal,

[ Pune, CMA Batch ]

I recently successfully completed CMA in first attempt. I take this opportunity to thank entire Miles team as they owe this credit in my achievement. I feel that dedicated efforts, good study material & good coach are important to achieve this feet. Study material and question banks provide you necessary confidence & practice which are key to success. Wiley study material helped me to grasp concepts of Management Accounting. Regular practice with Wiley question bank helped me to gain perseverance which is much needed in real test environment. Moreover, it prepared me to tackle real life business scenarios with Wiley essay questions. Regular practice with question bank and expert coaching from experienced Miles instructors helped me overcome my weaknesses. One important point to mention here is @ the vast network of Management Accountants provided by IMA Pune Chapter backed by Miles. It provides much needed platform for management accountant like me to interact with industry veterans. I wish all the success to Miles team in all their initiative and hope you get an opportunity to partner with Miles team in your success as well. Thanks.

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Dhaval Kadakia,

Controller, Volkswagen

[ Pune, CMA Batch ]

I would like to thank Miles for creating a Mile-stone in the journey of my career. Varun's lectures are excellent for understanding the concepts. At Miles one can expect complete solution right from registration with IMA, selection of course material to booking of examination and finally the certification. Miles is a professionally managed organization with a very co-operative team. I really thank Miles for their support.

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Premvasanth T,

Finance Analyst, RR Donelly

[ Chennai, CMA Batch ]

I had a many doubts and fears like most of the students while I started journey of US CMA like how to pass? Is this course worthy? etc. Miles guided me well and cleared my doubts and shown the right path for achieving my CMA certification. I started CMA Journey in Aug-14 and cleared in April 15. Really CMA is worthy due to its International Credibility with Global opportunities and time saver with Quick returns for the investment and compared to other Indian professional courses. Once again cheers to Miles Team for good support to my success.

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Krishnan V,

Assistant Vice President, Barclays

[ Chennai, CMA Batch ]

I am a B Com Grad with MBA in Banking & Finance having close to 18 years of work experience across Manufacturing and Banking industry. I thought this qualification was enough for me to scale greater heights in the Finance world till I stumbled upon US CMA last year. Like anybody, what caught my attention about this course was its duration, you could actually get a global professional certificate within 6 months putting in the right amount of hardwork and dedication!!!. Infact I got to know of this course from the Miles website. Having gone through the Miles website and the amount of quality information provided therein, I made up my mind to pursue this course only through Miles. About Miles, they are the professionals in this field providing candidates with full support and co-operation. Right from enrolment till one completes the course, Miles provides step by step support and guidance to the candidates. The course notes compiled along with the sunday classes are very effective. I am very happy that I chose Miles for my CMA destination and would recommend them strongly to candidates aspiring to become US CMA or CPA.

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Mohammed Zeharan,

Senior Finance Executive, FreeCharge

[ Pune, CMA Batch ]

Getting into CMA right after my Masters, and passing both the parts in first attempt; is all because of Miles. The Miles Study Resources, the Videos are Top-Notch, Concise, to the point, and seriously saves time from going through the Big-Fat Wiley Book all the time. Miles guidance on planning the study routine and to be on track so that I cover all of the units prior to taking the test, prepared me well, and there were no surprises when I took my exams. I would definitely recommend Miles to anyone looking to pass the CMA Exam, because unlike others, MILES really does help 'achieve your strategic advantage.

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Unnamalai. R,

[ Banglore, CMA Batch ]

It all started with an impulse to differentiate myself from the 5000 commerce graduates of my college. My dad always inspired me to become a certified public accountant, so I came to Miles Bangalore for the demo class and was more than convinced to do the CMA course and registered for the same. As I was in my second year of under graduation I needed a clear idea of the basics - the classes started off with the basics and proceeded further which helped me comprehend the subjects in a better way. The instructors were open to doubts and took every single doubt of mine. If I was able to clear CMA Part 1 in the first attempt at the age of 19, it was because of all the help I got from Miles national instructors and the weekly instructors. The thing which started off as a dream materialized through Miles.

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Zubair Ahmed,

Senior General ledger Accountant, Vmware

[ Bangalore, CMA Batch ]

I am really thankful to one and all from Miles who have been a part of my CMA journey.The support and coordination, very much happy with your services.

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